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Ready to Travel Again? Here’s Why Offsetting is so Important

Remember all the headlines celebrating how nature was coming back?

From baby sea turtles to wild boars, the COVID-19 pandemic allowed us to see our impact on the world, and while not all headlines were completely fact-based (we’re looking at you, Venice Dolphins) it was inspirational to see how little it takes for nature to thrive.

One thing that is fact-based however, is your impact.

Around the world, restrictions are being lifted and people are venturing outside, resuming their lives and activities. But with those activities comes greenhouse gas emissions. From commuting to eating out, and going on vacation, all our activities have an impact. If we resume our pre-pandemic life, we will go back to our pre-pandemic problems.

As airliners are starting to reopen their routes, we have a unique chance to change our travel habits towards more sustainable practices. That includes taking responsibility for your greenhouse gas emissions.

One way to do this is with carbon offsetting.

In a nutshell, carbon offsetting is the practice of investing in projects that either reduce, avoid, or remove greenhouse gasses.


This Gold Standard wind farm project generates 20,000 MWh of clean energy and distribution to 50,000 people in a developing region in Costa Rica.

Projects that reduce or avoid emissions are usually an upgrade in technology from unsustainable practices. Just like you would in your home, if you were switching an old 60W light bulb to a new energy efficient one – the scale is just a lot bigger, making the impact a lot bigger.

Projects that remove greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere are usually focused on reforestation and binging emissions in biomatter. Planting trees, basically.

Carbon offsetting isn’t some lofty ideal. It’s a tried and tested method where your carbon emissions are accurately calculated and compensated for.

Strict verification standards and accountability measures ensure that greenhouse gasses are reduced, avoided, and rebound in the soil.

It works.

That’s why the United Nations, AURORA, Grouplove, Richard Branson, and millions of people around the world support carbon offsetting as an effective way of addressing carbon emissions

So far, our CHOOOSERS have accounted for hundreds of thousands of tons of CO2e, by stepping up and making sure their emissions were accounted for.

The aviation industry is a large contributor to carbon emissions, but that impact can be reduced via offsetting, while the industry is working towards better fuel alternatives.


As the airports start filling up again, and we look to our next travel destination, we have to ask ourselves what kind of travelers we want to be?

Offsetting your flights is as easy as changing a lightbulb, but has a much bigger effect.

We’ve made it even easier by partnering with Norwegian and Heathrow airport.

Just click. Choose. Change the future.

So as restrictions lift, and you find yourself booking your next trip, offset your flight, and make sure your journey’s impact is measured in experiences, not in carbon emissions.

We’re not going back to the world before COVID-19. We’re moving forward. We’re choosing to create a better world, together.


Ready to travel with less impact on Earth?

See the world while taking care of our planet.