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Here’s Why Las Vegas Is A Top Trending Destination

Here are five reasons why Vegas continues to lead as one of the most sought-after places on the planet.

The popularity of Las Vegas as a must-visit destination only continues to rise. Why the draw? A place of endless possibility, Vegas is a city without limits where you’ll repeatedly encounter the extraordinary. Every trip is different, and every experience is tailored to a traveler’s deepest desires.

The city of Las Vegas, known as Vegas, was founded in 1905, and the beginnings of what is now known as the Strip began in 1941. From then on, Las Vegas has bloomed into the top trending travel destination it is today. With a subtropical desert climate where days are often hot and dry and nights are cooler, travelers can count on ideal weather for that sun-soaked getaway.

Known for its variety of thrilling adventures, ultra luxe resorts, and extravagant everything – Vegas is the ideal vacation spot for every kind of traveler.

The glitz and glam of the city invites you into a journey of unparalleled freedom and 24/7 fun.

Here are five reasons why Vegas continues to lead as one of the most sought-after places on the planet.


1. World-class Shopping

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Discover a world where anything you could ever want is easily within reach. Traveling a few miles out from the strip is the famous Las Vegas Premium Outlets, where a vast number of stores offer discounted merchandise. It is a popular stop for travelers road tripping to Las Vegas. Back on the strop, the Grand Canal Shoppes in the Venetian and the Forum Shops in Caesars Palace offer exceptional shopping while you take a leisurely stroll on the strip. You can also take the monorail that runs through part of the Strip to get from place to place. Not to mention, it’s a great way to stay cool in the heat without having to use a car!


2. Lap in luxury 


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Vegas boasts many gorgeous resorts with lush palms and extravagant pools. Most of the large hotels and resorts in Las Vegas have pools, which makes for a cost-effective way to kill some time and stay cool in the Vegas heat. Not to mention it’s a great way to cool down without blasting AC! There’s always some sort of wild pool party with entertainment and the like for adults. Of course, there are multiple kid-friendly pools as well for more wholesome family fun.


3. Amazing Attractions


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As far as attractions go, there are endless options for families, couples, groups, and the single traveler. For those that prefer a bit more of a thrill, the Strat is a must. Boasting a 350.2m (1149ft) observation tower, there are various rides at the top that are sure to leave those who try it breathless. If you enjoy arcade games or have young children, places like Circus Circus and Excalibur offer plenty to do as well. Make sure to catch one of the critically acclaimed Cirque du Soleil shows for an impressive display of acrobatic talent.


4. Extraordinary Cuisine


Try one of the world-famous buffets where you can choose from a selection of gourmet foods and anything your heart desires. Certain buffets like the one at the Bellagio offer a truly unforgettable dining experience, but there are tons of other ones to explore with unique specialties. Of course, if buffets aren’t your thing, you’ll find no shortage of restaurants to enjoy. Many now have farm-to-table menus and create fresh dishes with local ingredients, which makes it a more sustainable option.


5. Untouched Natural Beauty


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If you’re looking for a more calm and holistic Vegas experience, there are also other activities people can opt for outside of the city. Just a short distance away, Las Vegas offers diverse hiking trails as a great way to get outdoors and away from the bustle of everything. A popular trail is the Calico Basin, where you can take in the fresh air while basking in the magical desert scenery. Not to mention hiking provides a green activity to power down from the city. Of course, there is nothing wrong with just taking some time to unwind in any way you choose in Las Vegas, as there are so many options to do and see.


It’s clear why Las Vegas is such a popular travel destination and has continued to be so for so many years!