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Autumn Events Just in Time for Halloween

It’s officially spooky season… which means we’re now in that strange time of year when it’s possible to encounter anything. Whether that’s creepy ghouls, pumpkin spice lattes, or fascinating festivals, you can truly find it all… you just need to know where to look.

And we can help show you exactly that! Take a page out of our books to find the most fascinating events in the U.S. and around the world, so you can find the getaways and activities for your perfect Halloween experience.

Eastern State Halloween in Philadelphia

With 15 different attractions and five spooky haunted houses, every year, Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary, which was once the most famous prison in the world known for its strong system of isolation, now hosts live music, bars with special themes, and tours around Halloween. Between a mind-altering experience, ancient layer, twisted circus, and more taking place between September 23 through November 12, you can be ready for a spine-chilling experience.

West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta in Portland

This Halloween event certainly isn’t as spooky as the previous… but it’s just as intriguing. This fun-filled family event involves hopping into giant floating pumpkins on Tualatin Lake to race it out in a series of four competitions. You can also try local foods and drinks with vendor booths to choose from, and take your pick in activities – crafts, pumpkin golf, face painting, and more can be found during this special event that takes place October 15 through 16 in Portland.

Greenwich Village Halloween Parade in NYC

If you’re ready to join the world’s largest Halloween celebration, New York City’s very own Halloween Paradise that takes place on October 31st every year will be the ultimate treat! With more than two million participants expected each year, this is a great time to escape with your friends and family. You’ll be able to get creative with your costumes and get ready to march through the streets of NYC in the most fun and spectacular way!

Festival of the Dead in Massachusetts

If you’re familiar with Salem, the famous Witch Trials that took place in the 1960s might come to mind… But nowadays, the city is also known for its extraordinary Festival of the Dead. The peculiar rituals and practices that take place all October long are filled with loads of entertaining and strange experiences… Whether you’re interested in magical balls, live music, psychic readings, spooky dinners, or mourning teas… at this annual Halloween festival, you can do and see it all in Massachusetts.

Day of the Dead in Mexico

While this fascinating event might not technically be for Halloween… it certainly deserves a mention. On November 2nd, families get together to welcome back the spirits of their relatives who have passed. This day is celebrated in a particular fashion. Picture creative costumes, lively parades, live music, and special dances as the cycle of death is honored as a natural part of life. The Day of the Dead is truly seen as a way to celebrate the crossroads between life and death in Mexico.

Samhain in Ireland

Have you ever thought about where Halloween originated? This unique holiday dates 2,000 years back in time… When the Celtics joined together to celebrate the end of the harvest and the Celtic New Year at the end of summer in Ireland. It is believed that on this day (October 31st), the lines between the living world and those who have crossed over are blurred… Therefore the spirits of the deceased pay visit, and the Celtics gather around fires to guide them on their paths.

Evening in Bran Castle in Romania

You might have heard about Bran Castle… Situated in Transylvania, this spectacular castle is where the world-famous tale of Count Dracula took place. As mysterious as this breathtaking landscape might be on a regular day – have you ever thought about visiting on Halloween? Every year, the castle comes to life with special music and uncanny decorations as travelers come together in their costumes to celebrate the night as they take in the mystical atmosphere of Dracula’s lair in mysterious Romania.

All of these events are unique and exhilarating in their own way… Which one is your cup of tea?

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